1. Bibble Plugins

I have written a plugin named "Bez" for the raw converter Bibble 5.
More details and download links are on my Bibble plugins page.

2. iMatch

2.1 Scripting

I have written a number of workflow scripts for iMatch. You can access these here.

2.2 iMatch Web Gallery Preset (Template)

There are now three versions of my preset for the
iMatch Extended Photo Gallery Creator Script (EPGC).
This site has demonstrations of all three:

1. See the Category Scrolling Demonstration Gallery
featuring a scroll bar with "memory" for the category tree.
(most popular - but looks best in IE)

2. See the Page Scrolling Demonstration Gallery
featuring images and headings that stay on the screen
when the page is scrolled to see the category tree.

(based on the original version)

3. See the No Categories Demonstration Gallery
for galleries with limited numbers
of images and no need for categories

If you wish to create galleries like these:

(i)   Get iMatch

(ii)  Download the EPGC Script, which, together with iMatch and my preset, generated these web galleries

(iii) Read About and Download the files for my iMatch Extended Web Gallery Creator Script preset

(iv) Visit the Imatch support forum for help and advice

(v)  and ....